Monday, November 7, 2011

Dutch Art Gallery Reception

Reception @ The Dutch Art Gallery!
Barbara J. Mason and 6 watercolor painting.
I attended The Spirit of Texas reception at The Dutch Art Gallery on Saturday! The quality of artwork was amazing!!! As a new member of the Artist Of Texas I was humbled by the opportunity to display 6 pieces of my watercolor paintings alongside so many accomplished artist. The gallery was buzzing with art collectors, individual artists' experiences, laughter, eating and of course sales, sales and more sales!
I did not get a chance to meet every artist but I am proud to have spent time getting to know;
Debbie Lincoln, a fabulous oil painter and business woman with a contagious smile(we usually communicate via Internet)!, Gwen Bell who paints meticulous detailed cups/mugs, still life in oil on small canvases, Pat Meyer a still life and floral oil painter - a southern belle with a hearty laugh!, Dawn Waters Baker who paints the most beautiful sky scapes I have ever seen, Sheri Jones another great oil painter who painted boots and old trucks, and Anton Zhou the youngest member of the group
who is a teenager (12 or 13yrs old), but paints like a master oil painter!, Carol Henry, Martie Rains, and Barbara Haviland. We art fortunate to have a place like The Dutch Art Gallery her in Dallas that provides Beautiful Original artwork, and custom Framing! So, Please take time to stop by the Dutch art Gallery and say, "Hi" to Pamela Massar (General Manager) and her family
and you will be amazed!!! Congratulations to oil painter and business woman, Laurie Pace, her painting was the first one to sell!!

Dutch Art Gallery
10233 E. NW Hwy #420
Dallas, Texas 75238

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