Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art In The Atrium Reception

Last night we had a great time mingling
with new artist and friends and collectors.
This is a photo of James and I standing in front of one piece
of artwork that I have on display at the City Municipal Building,
downtown Frisco Texas. This piece of artwork is titled: Praise Is What We Do!.
I also have 56 Oldsmoblile Rocket 88 on display as well. If you are in Frisco, Texas,
stop by the City Municipal Bldg, downtown and view 5 floors of beautiful artwork!
A few of my favorites are emerging artist:
Deb Arndt, Georgi Still, Janine Maupin, David Davidian.
Professional artist: Eileen Carver, Pernie Fallon, Jeb Matulich, Diana Moyer,
Sharon Van Antwerpen and me!

Richard Oldham -City of Frisco Public Art Manager, Me, James Mason!

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