Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Artfully Painting and Cooking !

Who says you can't paint and cook your way through Thanksgiving!
Of course on tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day)
it will be all about- everything- coming- to- a -halt and GIVING THANKS!
I just wanted to share a little visual stimulation the day before our taste buds
are maxed- out and bellies and hearts are full!

"PURITY" 20x16" Pastel Painting
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"Purity" is the the sister painting to "Unforgettable"!
This piece is framed in black on black that makes the white tulip
POP! I am working on a series of white flowers right now, attempting
to achieve the same quality and style without my usual bold color.
It is very tempting for me to want to add just a dab of color.
But my art critique and husband is close by to make sure I
don't venture off into my color obsession!!


"TRIBAL OFFERING" 16X20" Watercolor Painting
To purchase this painting, contact:

Ok!, after painting the pastel "Purity", I had to
balance and get to that familiar comfort zone in a
sea of COLOR!! This time I needed lots of color and
patterns and texture with just a hint of white for your eye
to rest! I really enjoyed capturing the refection of the
cloth pattern on the white bowl. It felt great to splash around with watercolor again.
While painting this artwork, I discovered that I still love watercolor
just as much as my pastel painting.

I have noticed that this week I have painted
several food related paintings!
Oh well, TIS THE SEASON!!!
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