Friday, July 13, 2012

I've been accepted into the 27th Annual Bosque Art Classic

Of the 790 Bosque Art Classic entries, 164 pieces were selected
 by the judge, Tom Tierney. Only 9 artist were selected in my 
entry category of Pastel Painting!

This is my first year of entering The Bosque Art Classic
 and I am pleased to announce that 
my floral pastel painting, "The Light Of Day"
has been accepted into the prestigious Bosque Art Classic in Clifton, TX.

The exhibit runs September 8 -30, 2012.
This white iris was photographed while I was exhibiting at the  
"Dallas Blooms" Art Exhibit,Artscape at the Dallas Arboretum.
 Each year before the exhibit opens I make a point of wondering the arboretum 
grounds looking for new floral subject matter and inspirations to paint. 
This year I was on a mission to photograph and later paint purple irises. 
Unfortunately I could not find one purple iris on the entire property. On the last day 
I took one final stroll of the grounds and stumbled upon one single iris! 
It wasn't the purple iris I was hoping for but much better!  
One single white iris standing alone under a huge pecan tree! 
The light seemed as though it was shining directly over it!
It was nature saying, "Here I Am, Paint Me"! I was so captivated,
 I immediately started taking several different photo reference 
images of this white beauty. I am very pleased with the results,
 because it is very rare that I paint a white
flower, since I love an overabundance of saturated color! 
The gentle petals seemed to glow, this gave
me a very calm and peaceful feeling, and I learned a little lesson:
 Sometimes on your way to 
your get lost and find something better!
I also want to name a few of my favorite artist and friends who are also 
accepted into the 27th Annual Bosque Art Classic
Drawing Category: The New Arrival Is Here" by Helen Bailey-McKinney, TX.
Helen is a wonderful artist and we have crossed paths at numerous award events and at
our local frame and imaging shop in McKinney, Imaging on the Square.
Oil/Acrylic Painting Category: Roadside Tapestry by Debbie Smith-Richardson,TX.
Debbie has such a beautiful and humble spirit,and she has shared tons of art tips and info with me personally! 
Pastel Painting Category: Bandit by Rita Kirkman-New Braunfels,TX.
I took my first pastel workshop from Rita! A great instructor and artist. 
Pastel Painting Category: An Iris In Bloom by Sangita Phadke-Colts Neck,NJ.
Looks like Sangita found my lost purple Iris!  :) Although we have never met in person
our artwork has traveled together nationally!
 Pastel Painting Category: The Light Of Day by Barbara J. Mason-Frisco,TX.
This is me! 
Watercolor Painting Category: Sunflower and Crystal by Soon Warren-Fort Worth,TX.
As a watercolorist I appreciate Soon's attention to detail and photo realistic style. As I look
closer at this painting I noticed I have the same fabric that she used in the 
background of this painting! Of course I'm love anything with dragonflies!!
Sculpture Category: I personally do not know any of the artist in this category, 
but all of the sculptures are awesome and congratulations to all the accepted artist! 

Congratulations to all of the accepted artist, good luck at the awards 

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