Friday, June 3, 2011

Awards In May

It's "Raining" -"Reigning" Blessings in the form of awards and sales in May!!

May Awards:
Illinois Civic Art Purchase Award
Best In Show IAA Members Exhibit
Finalist in the Plano Art Association 125mile Exhibit

We have traveled across country to the Midwest to bring the big Ribbon home to Texas!
It was an honor to receive the Illinois Civic Purchase Award,
as many of you know I have roots in Illinois and now my artwork will remain
 a part of their civic art collection forever!! What a way to leave your mark!!!
I am so humbled by this!
This is the piece of artwork that is now a part of the Illinois Civic Art Collection:
Yes, this is the same painting that was a finalist in the Blossom II International
Best of Flowers competition!

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