Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before The Dance: colored pencil

My next attempt was a little more challenging. I started with a figurative colored pencil drawing. This is a drawing of a young lady that was performing in the park in Decatur, Illinois. My husband and I caught her just before her performance was to begin. She was sitting on a bench in the shade. I image she was performing the dance in her mind, thinking out each move as the music played in her head. She was young but there was a gracefulness and sense of poise that drew us in. This piece is not yet completed I still need to do the background. Maybe a few soft trees iin the distance to balance the cast shadows of the trees on her back? We will see. Stay posted....
Step #1 - "Before The Dance" Artist: Barbara J. Mason

Step #2 

Step #3

Final:  Step #4

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